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The Road to McCarthy – as much about the journey as the road itself.
From the minute you start planning your trip, you can feel it deep inside; the start of a journey like no other. For over 100 years McCarthy has enticed travelers with the promise of an adventure as unique as the individual, and yours will be no different.

More mountains, glaciers, and wildlife than anywhere else on earth.

To quote the National Park Service: “Wrangell-St. Elias has more superlatives than any other National Park.” Stay with us and see 9 of the 16 tallest peaks in North America, 4 major mountain ranges, over 150 glaciers, and all from the center of the largest world heritage site.

You will be staying in the historic town of McCarthy where you can experience the real Alaska. Most of our staff lives here all year, and we look forward to sharing the Kennicott-McCarthy area and the surrounding spectacular wilderness with you. And don’t believe everything you’ve heard about the McCarthy Road ‐ Alaska’s Depart of Transportation has helped make traveling “The Road” easier and safer than its ever been.

Unless you’re flying into the area, travel to McCarthy and Kennicott requires driving the 60 mile McCarthy Road. This road is essentially built on the old Northwest-Copper River Railroad bed right of way. Its had a bad reputation in the past but has been designated a scenic corridor and major upgrading began in 2006. Alaska’s Department of Transportation has made enormous progress in keeping the road in excellent shape through the summer months.

The McCarthy road has had over $6 million dollars in improvements since 2006. The McCarthy road use to be the worst in America (or at least Alaska) not so anymore! In Fact, there is no excuse to break a rental car contract as Budget and other car rental companies now allow many of their cars on the McCarthy Road. In every case, be sure to ask if the rental agreement will be void if driving the McCarthy Road. Check with us if you are having trouble finding a rental car, we will be able to find you options at competitive prices.
The McCarthy Road use to be responsible for 100+ flats a year, sometimes multiple flats from spikes ‐ now spikes are very rare, the first 17 miles has a “chip seal” hardened surface, and the key to a flat free drive is to never travel faster than 30 or 35 miles per hour.

  • Wrangel-St. Elias National Park

    Learn more about the Nation’s largest National park. Click here.

  • Walks & Hikes

    Numerous hiking trails available for adventureous backpackers. Discover the beauty of the area on foot.

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