About McCarthy Center Stores

Retail establishments are critical to a thriving community. Guests and locals avail themselves of McCarthy Center stores.

McCarthy Center Groceries

McCarthy’s boutique neighborhood grocer is utilized by visitors and locals alike. Unlike most bush grocers (we’re 130 miles from the next grocery store), we have professional equipment like a 12 foot produce case, 3 door freezer merchandiser, and 16 flavor ice cream dipping cabinet. The wide variety of product speaks volumes to the summer business this store generates.

Nugget Liquors

Nugget Liquors is the only liquor store inside Wrangel-St. Elias National Park. A wide variety of ice cold beers, as well as liquor and wine selections, mixers, snacks, and everything you need for a successful liquor store in bush Alaska. The Nugget Liquors dovetails beautifully with the full service dispensary license of the Golden Saloon. The liquor distributors give McCarthy Ventures, LLC the best pricing based on specials run specific for liquor stores or saloons. Owning both liquor licenses offers a tremendous advantage to lowering your cost of goods.

Alaska Industrial Hardware

McCarthy is fortunate to be one of the smallest communities that has the benefit of a full Alaska Industrial Hardware distributorship in town. Coupled with our Carlile Freight Consolidation, reliable weekly delivery ensures local hardware supply is always available in a timely manner.  Our small, remote location prevents us from being as fully stocked as a hardware store.  However, if its not in McCarthy, we can have it here in 2 days.


About Mountain Arts

Mountian Arts specializes in unique, one-of-a-kind treaasures, created by local artisans.

Rental Property

The historic Wagon Barn across from the saloon and next to Ma Johnson’s is the prime real estate venue in downtown McCarthy. Present tenant of 4 years has enjoyed great success in this location.

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